Photographer: Heather Woolery Co.

Session: Styled Anniversary

Location: Bruneau Dunes State Park, Idaho

From the Photographer:

“What started out as just a styled session quickly turned into a[n] anniversary session for one amazing couple celebrating 11-years of marriage. Tucker, the husband, left this month for basic training…Tucker and Michelle’s love was so pure and intense it caused me to stop photographing and just watch them several times. These photos are the last thing both of them have/did before Tucker left, and as a photographer I feel super blessed to have been to one to capture their love at such an emotional time in their relationship.”


Jewelry | Grey Jays
Florals | Rust+Thistle
Rug | Bully For You

Thank you to Wandering Photographers member Heather Woolery Co. for sharing this session!

Member Spotlight Page | Heather Woolery Co.

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