Playful adventure session in the Wichita Mountains | Heather & Tyler

You know those people you meet and you just instantly are happy? Heather and Tyler defined that for me. My time with them legitimately made my heart and soul happy and lighter. I had been wanting to go shoot in the Wichita’s for the sake of portfolio building because I had never been there for a photoshoot and asked Heather if her and Tyler wanted to because they’re sweet and fun and pretty humans. We started out trying to find a specific location with not a lot of specifications on how to get there (so you can imagine how that went… haha).

We ended up finding another spot which wasn’t the original location we were searching for and stayed there for a little and then made our trek back down to the car to drive to the top of Mt. Scott. We got there in time to sit in the car and enjoy some good music and chat before exploring the top at sunset.

Tyler and Heather are everything I want the couples I photograph to be. Their spirits are joyful and uplifting and they genuinely love, appreciate and enjoy each others company. I told them to just dance with each other and Tyler started playing music and they soaked up the last of the sunshine together overlooking the mountains.

As I sat there with them watching the sunset, I asked Tyler to say 5 things to Heather that he loved, and as I asked Heather to do the same, a tear rolled down Tyler’s face and I sat back and let them soak in the sweetness of that moment (sorry for telling everyone that one, Tyler, but it was too sweet not to). I was on a high from that evening for at least a week, and I still am so happy when I think about it.

Heather + Tyler, I love you both. Thanks for being the greatest.

Story and Photography by Sami Strong Photography


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