Lake Hefner Engagement Session in Oklahoma City | Laura & Ray

Story and Photography by Sami Strong Photography

Around the time Ray + Laura got engaged, she sent me a message asking if I would be able to meet up with them and in her words take “just like 5 pictures for us to use.” What originally was five pictures turned into about 85 because they were perfect and adorable. Ray + Laura are both photographers so that helped quite a bit but I know just as well as they do that being on the other side of a lens is not as easy as one would think. They warmed up to it quickly and made my “job” so easy. Their love is so evident and shown so well through how they interacted with each other. My favorite couples are the ones that act as if i’m not there and interact so freely with each other. I think the only time I even remotely directed them was when I told them to look straight on for a few pictures but aside from that they were the most fun and in love couple. I am so so excited for them and their future together!


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