Kauai, Hawaii Anniversary Session | Maggie & Nate

Story and Photography – Ellie Asher Photo

Maggie + Nate Elliott are seriously two of the most down-to-earth, rad, adventurous people we have ever met. In November 2016 we decided we wanted to book flights to Kauai and without a single hesitation they decided they wanted to join us for exploring, and taking photos! What was really cool about this shoot was that everyone, including the florist are all Native Portlanders and it seems like this trip was planned out of nothing but pure wanderlust in all of us. Kauai completely blew us away.

I guess you could call this a vow renewal, though no vows were exchanged, this trip landed on their one year anniversary. We started in Princeville at the Queens Baths. We had asked everyone there what their opinions were of the Baths and locally it is considered an extremely dangerous place. When we arrived we could see why, there was a tremendous sense of power and you instantly felt small in compared to the waves and the vastness of the ocean. Towards the end of the day we continued to the very end of the road to the Kalalau Trail. Half mile up we made it to a viewpoint where you could see the Na Pali Coast. The wind picked up and suddenly everything felt quiet. The Kalalau trail is a sacred place, and I think it was impossible not to feel that peace when you were there. We felt so grateful we could showcase their love someplace so meaningful and powerful.

Floral by Susanna Luck Flowers


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