Intimate Pillow Fight Lifestyle Session | Amy & Andre

I found Amy and Andre through Instagram and I knew I had to do a session with them! They stood out to me because I could tell how adventurous and down to earth they are! They were even more so in person! I barely had to direct them through out the shoot, it was completely natural for them! An outsider would not have been able to tell that they weren’t in their own home, alone. The chemistry with these two was like straight out of a movie! I was able to snap amazing candids with them barely noticing I was there.
We had loads of fun and laughs-especially when we broke out the pillows! I love in-home sessions but I had really been wanting to do something more creative and out of the ordinary. Not everyone loves the idea of having feathers all over them but lucky for me, they were so down! The pillow fight was honestly epic! They had feathers literally everywhere and they were sneezing like every 10 seconds but they were laughing the whole time and it was amazing so it was totally worth it.
The clean up after was a beast but overall, 10/10, I’d recommend. It’s couples and experiences like this that motivate me and make me fall even more in love what I do!

Story and Photography by Lauren Delker Photo


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