Intimate Banff Elopement | Colleen & Barret

Story and Photography by Nicole Ashley

I cannot express how grateful I am for being a part of this intimate Banff Elopement for Colleen & Barret. I truly love all weddings but there is something special about being included in a couples’ elopement. When it is just the couple and their officiant you get to witness a very raw version of people. It’s just them and their words. They are not worried about the time or about the rest of the day’s events. They are able to fully taken in the fresh mountain air, their person’s nervous smile and the singing of distant birds as they share their promises to one another. They are fully present in that moment. Documenting those intimate memories for a couple to have forever is overwhelming and exhilarating at the same time. When Colleen and Barret started planning their day they never really pictured a big traditional wedding. They kept coming back to the idea of sneaking away and privately sharing vows. So that is exactly what they did. When it came down to picking the location it was an easy decision. Banff was always a special place for them as they made it a point to travel there every year. The picturesque mountains were the perfect backdrop for this intimate ceremony. I love that they chose to get ready together and skyped with family and Walter their adorable pup (insert hands up emoji) before heading out. After the ceremony they carved their initials into a fallen tree where they had signed off on their marriage certificate. It was perfect. The simplicity of it all was so refreshing. It was truly an incredible day with an amazing couple. Thank you so much Colleen & Barret for making me a part of your day, I’m so happy for you!


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