Photographer: S Photography

Session: Elopement

Location: Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, California

From the Photographer:
“Chloe and Dylan are pretty outdoorsy, and love everything from a good hike to digging for gems (they’re pretty badass rock hounds). For their Redwoods elopement day, they wanted something super chill but still romantic and special. The sun and Redwood trees really put on a light show for their late-morning start. Through the 3-4 mile hike and restaurant stop at the Country Club Bar & Grill (which is a WHOLE story in itself that I recounted on my Instagram), we laughed, cried, laughed some more, and Chloe & Dylan eloped at the base of a giant Redwood tree. The day really couldn’t have been more perfect.”

Thank you to Wandering Weddings member S Photography for sharing this session, and congratulations to Chloe + Dylan!

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