Photographer: Marcucci Photography + Nicole Alex Photography

Session: Proposal

Location:Bon Echo Provincial Park, Ontario

From the Photographer:
“I am so pumped to share this incredible story with you this eve. At the beginning of Autumn, Dylan reached out to me with one of the coolest emails I’ve received. He was planning on proposing to his beautiful girlfriend, Deanne in one epic way and wanted every moment photographed for them to remember…

Bon Echo Provincial Park is located in Northern Ontario, and is one of the most beautiful stretch of lakes in Ontario’s Cottage Country…Dylan went to such incredible lengths to ensure Deanne didn’t have any idea about the proposal, so much so to create a mock up “contest” that Deanne would eventually win! The contest was for a float plane tour of Muskoka, and Dylan excitingly sent the link (he created!) to Deanne and told her she should enter. They both love to adventure, hike and travel, and being up in Ontario’s Cottage Country is one of their favourite spaces to explore. To Deanne, the “contest” looked like an amazing opportunity to see an intimate view of cottage country by plane. Little did Deanne know that Dylan had been working hard behind the scenes planning out every little moment; from the time she took off at Billy Bishop Airport in Toronto, to the moment she landed on the shores of Mazinaw Lake in Bon Echo. The incredible staff at Smart’s Marina and the park rangers at Bon Echo were all in on the plan, and so genuinely kind! All of the staff from the marina came out to watch the float plane land, and my eyes started to fill up with water when in that moment I realized how amazing this was to everyone who was a part of it, and to Dylan and Deanne!

Dylan and I made the 3.5 hour drive up to Bon Echo that day, and he had booked a float plane for Deanne from the Toronto Island airport with Nicole – so epic! Dylan calmly filled the foggy beach at Mazinaw Lake with the glow of candles, and anxiously awaited her arrival. We kept in touch with Nicole along the way, Deanne thinking Nicole was a photographer who was part of the contest package. Dylan and I started to hear the float plane propellers in the distance, and as it came into view Dylan had the biggest smile on his face.

The pilot pulled the plane up to the beach and Deanne got to catch her first glimpse of Dylan. With the softest “What are you doing here!” she was out of the plane, and right into Dylan’s arms. After a short and quiet chat, Dylan dropped his knee down into the sand and asked Deanne to marry him! Nicole & I were both shaking and had the biggest smiles going on behind our cameras we were so pumped and happy for them both! The night truly couldn’t have been any better; the overcast day cleared, just as the fog rolled through the thick tree line. The sky opened up to the most incredible orange and pink sunset, radiating off of the ever popular Bon Echo cliffs. What an EPIC day, and we were so grateful to be a part of it. Huge congratulations Dylan & Deanne! I truly can’t thank you enough for including us as part of your story, and inviting us to such an incredible day with the both of you!

Thank you to the staff at Smart’s Marina, the park staff at Bon Echo, Nicole and I are so grateful to do this job that we love alongside the best people!”

Thank you to Lea Marcucci for sharing this session, and congratulations to Deanne + Dylan!

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