Engagement Session in Santorini Greece | Thibaut & Diego

Thibaut and Diego met knowing that their relationship was meant to live great adventures together. Travelling is a big part of their relationship. They explained that it gives them a chance to escape from work and routine in their home town Paris and the opportunity to connect and enjoy of each other. Since the beginning of their relationship they have travelled extensively across Europe and discovered Greece one year ago when we traveled to Athens for Thibaut’s birthday. It was then that they fell in love with the country and returned this summer to Greek islands for their engagement. They hopped three islands in two weeks accumulating a lot of adventures and memories that they recounted during our shoot. They finished their trip in Santorini where they couldn’t describe the island than anything more than charming, pure and passionate. I wanted to represent that in their shoot, I took them to a part of the island a little less travelled, more a side not seen by most and photograph this couple in a way they described their relationship and their time in Greece.

Story and Photography by Kimon Kaketsis Photography


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