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Why You Need Bench For Your Small Business Bookkeeping

Let’s be real, being an entrepreneur can sometimes be overwhelming. There are a ton of aspects you need to plan for, including taxes. Accounting, however, doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We thought we would put this resource together to better help our fellow elopement vendors around tax season because we entrepreneurs need to stick together. Let’s dive into our review on Bench, and why we use and recommend it.

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bench bookkeeping software for small business entrepreneurs

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Bench: The Best Bookkeeping For Small Businesses

We have used other bookkeeping services before, and we have found Bench provides the best service for small business owners like you. Why?

To keep things simple, you get the benefits and access of a professional bookkeeper at an affordable price, along with a financial reporting software that is extremely user friendly. If you’re not a big numbers person, then this is especially important for you! If you are a numbers person, Bench has amazing reports for you to explore. You’re also able to view all your incoming and outgoing money, which helps with your overall business goals and plan.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You set things up with a dedicated bookkeeper from Bench.
  2. Every month, your bookkeeper will import any business transactions into your books. If anything is missing, they’ll reach out to you!
  3. Once tax season rolls around, Bench sends a package straight to you with everything you need to file. That’s it, it’s that simple.
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Bench Accounting Review From Wandering Weddings Founder

We would never recommend anything to you without using it ourselves. Want to know how Wandering Weddings prepares for tax season? Bench.

Here’s what Nick, founder, and CEO of Wandering Weddings, has to say about their service:

“It’s a game-changer for me. Bench is completely hands-off bookkeeping. I sync my accounts, everything goes into the software, and then they automatically categorize it. If they are unsure on a transaction, they reach out to me, and all I have to do is go in and leave a note, so they can circle back and categorize it properly.” [Nick]

Bench is also available via messenger anytime you have questions regarding your bookkeeping.

Still not sure? Here are some more reasons why Bench is perfect for your small elopement business:

  • The outsourced tasks usually get done better, and faster than before.
  • Since you have dedicated software, you can enjoy documenting and elopements for your couples or working on your website’s SEO, worry-free.
  • Since you have more time on your hands, you’ll be able to hustle more on your business and you’ll also have more time to spend on revenue-generating activities.
  • You’re able to scale your business.
  • You save money—working longer hours (opportunity cost, sanity) and hiring an employee (salary, benefits) are usually more expensive than outsourcing.

Be prepared for tax season, and let’s get you started: Get 30% off your first three months with Bench + a free trial.

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Bench Vs QuickBooks

You’re probably thinking, “but there are other services out there”, and you’re absolutely right. Before joining Bench, Wandering Weddings used QuickBooks for some time.

Let’s break down the differences you need to know to help you prepare your business for success:

QuickBooks is essentially a web-based accounting software that provides you with the tools you’ll need for all your accounting and bookkeeping needs. This software is completely manual, so you won’t have a dedicated bookkeeper letting you know something doesn’t add up correctly. With that said, you can opt for QuickBooks Live, but that’s a separate subscription from QuickBooks’ general software. With Bench, you have professional bookkeepers directly assigned to your business when signing up, along with additional tools and resources.

While QuickBooks does include a wide variety of features, everything they offer must be managed on your own. This adds more time to your accounting tasks throughout the year, and it may be a headache down the road if you have multiple elopements and weddings you have scheduled to travel to.

Bench Booking Pricing Vs QuickBooks

Both of these bookkeeping services offer multiple-tier plans. Bench’s lowest plan starts at $249 per month, billed annually. While QuickBooks start at $40. QuickBooks also offers a 3-month special, but unlike Bench, they don’t offer a free trial.

Bench provides a personal bookkeeping assistant to help assist you with your bookkeeping needs

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Which Bookkeeping Service Should You Invest In?

If you’re asking us for our honest opinion, we prefer Bench for the hands-off experience their customer service provides. While we love QuickBooks tools and prices, we recognize the worth of investing a little more to have more time to work on our business.

If you want to have more time to focus on your elopement business, or if you just want someone to take care of your bookkeeping for you to avoid stress and confusion, then try Bench! If you still have questions, then reach out to us!

Ready to up your bookkeeping game for your small business? Start a Free Trial With Bench.

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