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Beach Vow Renewal Near Portugal With Their Adorable Daughter

beach vow renewal location at beach

Photography by Feather & Twine

Vow Renewal Details:

Whether you are looking to celebrate your anniversary somewhere adventurous, or if you both never planned an actual wedding, this beach wedding vow renewal ceremony will inspire you to renew your vows.

“Mikenzie and Tim had been wanting a reason to have the wedding they never had when they first married. For their vow renewal, they wanted to head overseas to someplace in Europe. The land by Praia do Ninho de Andorinha had the most versatile coastline and was near many different beaches. The day of the vow renewal, they got ready with their 4-year-old daughter and friends where Tim picked the florals for Mikenzie’s bouquet, and then proposed.” [Kelsey Newkham, The Photographer]

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beach vow renewal in Portugal

Planning For This Romantic Vow Renewal

For this vow renewal in the Algarve Region, Kelsey researched Google Earth to help her find an awesome cliffside ceremony location. She worked together with the couple until finding this stunning secret cliffside near a gorgeous local beach.

Before their cliffside Ceremony, Tim, who wasn’t able to propose to Mikenzie the first time around, planned on surprising her to marry him again. He proposed to her alongside their daughter, Attie, with a custom Sarah O Jewelry ring.

Kelsey reminds couples who are planning a destination elopement to be flexible and just enjoy the moment.

“They approached the whole day with a full appreciation of their life together, appreciating both the messy and imperfect, and not taking for granted the grandness of the world and the beauty of spending your life with someone who brings you such joy.” [Kelsey]

daughter putting ring on her mom

What’s the Difference Between a Vow Renewal and an Elopement Ceremony?

Kelsey tells us there isn’t too much of a difference between the two. 

“The main difference is a vow renewal isn’t a legal requirement. You can do whatever you want with it! For Mikenzie and Tim, they treated their vow renewal as a chance to create a ceremony space they would have liked to have when they first got married, but couldn’t. They had a friend officiate, and then read handwritten vows to each other.” [Kelsey]

So if you are married, that doesn’t mean you can’t have that adventurous ceremony you have been eyeing on Pinterest. Vow renewals and elopement ceremonies are both intimate, romantic, and can be whatever you want them to be.

So if you are together for a couple of years or celebrating your 20th anniversary, plan an adventurous vow renewal together to celebrate.

adventurous ceremony to renew vows

Be Yourself On Your Special Day Together

Mikenzie and Tim are not only naturally photogenic, but Kelsey tells us they are also spontaneous and approach everything in their life with a sense of adventure.

“Mikenzie’s a photographer, and it was really important to her this didn’t feel like a fake styled shoot. She wanted it to be natural, easy, and them. A place to celebrate their love with their best friends and their daughter. I love how they just let their daughter be free. They wanted her to always be able to express the fullest version of herself. It’s a beautiful statement on how Mikenzie and Tim live their life, showing the fullest expressions of who they are: warm, funny, spontaneous, high energy, adventurous.” [Kelsey]

officiant during vow ceremony

Memorable Moments During The Ceremony

One of the details our team loves about this beach vow renewal ceremony how natural and casual it was. We also love how Attie, their beautiful daughter, sat on her mom’s dress through the entire ceremony.

We love how intimate their ceremony was, and it’s also a great reminder to couples with children that you can absolutely have an adventurous elopement/vow renewal ceremony with them present.

Mikenzie even had some fun after their ceremony by tossing her bouquet over her shoulder and into the ocean. Then the two shared their second, first dance along the shore as the waves kissed their feet.

“It was one of those days where we were late getting to the cliff and late getting to the beach. However, it ended up working out more perfectly than all of us could’ve imagined. Looking back on that day, it feels like a movie. That warm summer sun, hiking up the big rocks to get to these cliffs without a soul around as the sun was setting, everybody laughing and smiling, and it was just one of those days you’re so happy to be alive and among love.” [Kelsey]

Photos From This Beach Vow Renewal

If you’re inspired to plan a romantic ceremony like this beach vow renewal, then jump to our elopement packages for more inspiration.

Thank you to Kelsey for sharing this session, and congratulations to Mikenzie and Tim.

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