Oahu Beach Elopement With a Catamaran Adventure, Hawaii

Oahu Beach Elopement With a Catamaran Adventure, Hawaii

Lindsay and Casey planned an easy-going Waimanalo Beach elopement with a spontaneous twist- a catamaran ride with unique underwater bride and groom pictures. Lindsay and Casey’s story starts back in Moorea, where the two met on a dive research trip as they both work in the marine biologist career field. Inspired by natural and candid moments, the couple’s intimate elopement encapsulated their raw, genuine love.

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About This Beach Elopement and Catamaran Adventure in Oahu

Photography by Emily Choy Photography

“Embracing the Hawaiian culture, their light and airy beach elopement featured lei’s and a ukulele player present throughout the ceremony. Following the ceremony, the newly wedded couple planned a lively sail ride on the Pacific Coast near Oahu’s, Honolulu. With a quick wardrobe change from dress clothes to bikinis and board shorts, Lindsay and Casey knew how to kick start their marriage with a splash! After popping open a bottle of wine, the bride and groom decided to jump in the clear blue ocean and document their love- mermaid style. A truly authentic adventure elopement that celebrates the coming together of two remarkable individuals through their love of preserving the ocean’s wildlife.” [Emily, the photographer]

Eloping in Hawaii: What You Should Know

“There are several permit systems in place in Hawaii for weddings. If a couple is getting married or taking photos with a professional photographer in any public area (beaches, trails, etc), you must have a permit. There are only certain areas that are permitted for commercial activity, and you must obtain the correct permit. For this beach wedding, I obtained a Wiki permit. Wiki permits are good for up to 30 people (including vendors), up to 2 hours per permit, and are $20. You must have an account with the state, and provide proof of current insurance to obtain.

Hawaii is such a popular destination to visit, and has a really fragile and vulnerable ecosystems, since we are an isolated island. There are strict rules with what you are allowed to bring to our islands (agriculture and animals laws).

My couples and I always follow LNT on the beaches-no confetti/littering, sticking to trails. Another really important element for LNT in Hawaii is the sunscreen you apply before entering our ocean-the coral and other marine life are really affected by the toxic sunscreen. Hawaii is the first state in the US to ban the sale of sunscreen containing lethal chemicals for coral that include oxybenzone and octinoxate, though many visitors are not aware and still bring in and use sunscreen brought from their home. Look for “Reef safe” vs “reef friendly options”, as they are not the same thing!

Another really important LNT guideline is for the wildlife here, particularly the marine life. Turtles, seals and dolphins are federally protected and there are fines associated with getting too close and harrassing them. The laws are-turtles: 10 feet, dolphins: 150 feet, seals: 150 feet.” [Emily, the photographer]

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Top Tips for Eloping in Hawaii

“Be prepared for any weather when visiting! Hawaii gets plenty of rainfall year round, it’s what keeps our islands beautiful, clean and green. There have been times when we need to adjust our plan to a plan B (or C!) due to weather conditions, and its good to be flexible just in case. The sun here is quite strong as well, since we are close to the equator. Use sun protection so that you don’t burn on your first couple days here. Also, really important to follow LNT guidelines for both the land + the ocean!” [Emily, the photographer]

Memorable Moments During This Oahu Beach Elopement and Catamaran Adventure

From the photographer:

“The first look was really special with them. It was a breezy (windy!!) morning, and all added to the beautiful and intimate moments the couple got to share together for their first look. Then the sun came out, and the ocean was so so blue and beautiful.

Later on the boat ride, we got to jump off and swim with some enormous turtles and huge schools of fish!! It was the perfect way to celebrate their love with their immediate family present.”

Planning a Multi-Location Elopement

“I always recommend a multi location elopement day! Hawaii has SO much beauty to offer, and is pretty small, so its easy to hop from one side of the island to another. Including fun and meanginful activities to your day always adds so much to your elopement experience as well! I love that Lindsay and Casey met on in Moorea for Marine Biology, and then included a chartered boat and private snorkel tour for their families. Everyone had an amazing time despite different abilities. Some other activity ideas indlue- road tripping and sight seeing around the island, kayaking to a private island, cliff jumping, hiring a ukele player, hula dancer, or fire dancer to perform, SUPing, or indulging in some of Hawaii’s incredible local eateries.” [Emily, the photographer]

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Photography | Emily Choy Photography
Officiant: Kimo Taylor – Kahu On Da Beach ([email protected])
Hair + Makeup: Reveal Mobile Hair and Makeup ([email protected])
Florist: Jess Paahana ([email protected])
Ukelele Player: Henry Makua -Royal Hawaiian Catamaran ([email protected])
Catamaran: Royal Hawaiian Catamaran


Photos From This Elopement

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