Backpack Wedding Adventure in the Colorado Mountains

Backpack Wedding Adventure in the Colorado Mountains

Kaylyn and Holden are both videographers and planned a backpack wedding adventure for their elopement. Their adventure was a multi-day experience. Starting with a hike up San Juans mountain in Colorado, and then ending the following day with a wedding ceremony with their family.

We love this elopement because it’s perfect for couples who want to incorporate their love of backpacking into their wedding. We asked the couple along with their amazing photographer, Bailee from Alpine Vows, for some tips and advice when planning.

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Photography by Alpine Vows

About This Colorado Elopement Adventure

Bailee tells us this elopement spot is easily one of her favorite places to elope in Colorado. Since these two were so high up in elevation they experienced rain, light hail, and even snow! Did we mention their elopement was the middle of July?!

“My best advice would be to be prepared for all types of weather, this includes making sure that you are prepared physically. I cannot stress the importance of drinking plenty of water when you are engaging in any type of physical activity, but especially at this elevation. Altitude sickness is no joke!” [Bailee]

This couple had their closest friends join them on their hike, where they exchanged their vows.  The next day they had an elopement ceremony with their families.

When you decide to plan your elopement, you are free to customize your wedding day experience to reflect who you are as a couple. Kaylyn and Holden are both avid outdoorsmen, so this backpack hiking adventure reflected them perfectly.

Deciding to Plan a Backpack Wedding in Colorado

This couple’s main reason to elope? They wanted the day to be about them.

Since these two work in the wedding industry, they didn’t want to plan a day based on what their family wanted or expected of them, like how they have seen so many couples do.

So instead of worrying about what colors the linens were or chatting with extended family, these two planned the most epic hike together.

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“We both wanted to travel to the San Juans for years and finally decided it would be the perfect place for our wedding. After seeing our wedding spot in the middle of winter, we knew we had to come back and get married in those beautiful mountains.” [Kaylyn]

Tips For Couples Who Want To Backpack During Their Elopement

With more couples realizing what it means to elope, comes a whole bunch of couples researching how to elope.

Backpacking and mountain elopements are probably one of the most popular elopement ideas we have seen, but there are some things couples should consider before they go hiking together.

Bailee tells us the first step in planning a backpack wedding adventure is deciding where you are going to go.

“When deciding on a location, it’s important to do all of your due diligence when it comes to your location, including season, what to bring, how long, what to expect, and what you want your elopement to look like. I also think it is so important to find a photographer/videographer who is up for your adventurous elopement and can help you!” [Bailee]

Bailee’s Top Tips:

  • Always have a backup plan. You never know when the weather or anything else might affect your elopement.
  • Prepare yourself physically. Altitude sickness is a common occurrence at elevations like Ice Lake.
  • It’s important to keep yourself well hydrated and well-fed.
  • If you’re coming from a lower elevation to a higher elevation, consider coming a few days earlier so your body can have time to acclimate before you start backpacking.
  • Definitely plan ahead for your hike and how you will pack your wedding attire and anything you might need for the day of. Kaylyn had this AMAZING battery operated curling iron!
  • Have the time of your life!

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

One of the most memorable moments during this elopement has to be the lake Kaylyn and Holden exchanged their wedding vows. Despite their excitement, it did start raining on the way to the lake.

“We were contemplating whether or not to continue to the lake or camp at that basin when one of their friends suggested we push through the storm and get to the top, so we did. The rain cleared at the top. When we approached the lake, which was bright blue, tears started to pool in Kaylyn’s eyes. Her emotions from the jaw-dropping scenery and the fact that she was about to marry her best friend could not be contained.” [Bailee]

Kaylyn’s favorite part about their elopement adventure was hiking up the night before with our closest friends. It felt so special to having their friends there to support and encourage them up the trail.

Holden’s favorite part was being able to do exactly what they wanted to do for their wedding.

Advice For Other Couples Who Want to Elope

Kaylyn and Holden usually spend their summers hiking together, so backpacking during their elopement felt like an amazing decision.

If you’re the type of couple who really loves incredible sunrises, sunsets, and high elevations, then consider eloping!

Kaylyn and Holden recommend thinking outside the box when planning. They also recommend investing your elopement budget towards videography and photography to help you document your experience together.

“Everyone’s wedding day should be unique to them. If they want to skydive, sit on a beach, or find a hidden lake then they should do that. It is 100% more special when you are the ONLY couple at a spot. It is always so sad when you see multiple couples in one location because it turns into an amusement park, waiting in line for an Instagram famous photo, instead of frolicking and enjoying the things you love to do with your partner.” [Kaylyn]


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Photography | Alpine Vows

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Bouquet | Adela Flora designs by Natalie

Videography| BC Weds

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