Arizona Engagement Photos | Guide + Inspiration From This Epic Couple

Arizona Engagement Photos | Guide + Inspiration From This Epic Couple

Arizona can be an amazing place not just for elopements, but for epic engagement sessions too. If you’re thinking about exploring this amazing place, then our Arizona engagement photos guide may be just what you need to inspire you.

What we’ll go over:

To help tie this guide together, we thought it would be helpful to feature Matt and Jasmin’s engagement adventure around some popular areas in Northern Arizona. Ashley Jones, the photographer from Beginning and End Photo, also gives couples some awesome tips for planning their session throughout this guide.

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How to Take Your Engagement Photos in Arizona

Deciding where to take your engagement photos can be a little overwhelming. Luckily for you, our team are pros when it comes to where to elope and where to take your engagement photos.

We love Arizona because there’s so a lot of amazing locations to take your photos at. With gorgeous vistas and red rocks, this is a great spot to explore together.

With more people learning what it means to elope, however, comes an influx of people exploring these gorgeous landscapes. 

Ashley recommends teaming up with an experienced photographer in the area to assist in researching some lesser-known, but still amazing places. You’ll also know which permits are required in specific locations you’re interested in.

Like always, planning during the weekdays is probably the most optimal time to take your photos in Arizona. With plenty of sunshine and dry weather, Arizona is gorgeous year-round. 

In Page, Sedona, or anywhere else, plan ahead and make sure you get the right permits. Not only is this important to preserve the amazing locations we love to visit, but specifically regarding Page and Lake Powell, many locations belong to the Navajo Nation and require special permits and/or private tours. 

After you have found the perfect spot and secured the proper permits, I would say it’s important to style yourself to compliment the amazing landscape. With so many beautiful reds, browns and oranges, an outfit can either fall flat and blend in or totally pop and make for some amazing images!” [Ashley, The Photographer]

If you need some inspiration, then check out our blog on what to wear for your engagement photos or check out what Matt and Jasmin wore!

canyon in Arizona for engagement photos

Places to Take Your Engagement Photos in Arizona

These places we mention below, which are featured in this engagement session, should be a taste of what to expect in Arizona.

Team up with one of our awesome members who specialize in Arizona engagements and elopements to get the inside information on some of the more private locations in Arizona to take your photos. 

Here are some areas in Page and Sedona to check out: 

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Within Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, you’ll find the famous Horseshoe Bend. This horseshoe-shaped meander is a popular elopement ceremony destination in Arizona. We love the epic views here you can get around sunset, and it’s perfect to exchange personal vows together.

Another spot we love in this area is Lake Powell. This man-made reservoir is on the Colorado River and straddles the border of Utah and Arizona! 

An Arizona Canyon 

Canyons in Page, Arizona are probably one of the best places to take your engagement photos. We love canyons like Antelope Canyon for its rich colors and swirling formations. These canyons can give you the coolest photos! 

Antelope Canyon is probably the most popular canyon, but we also love Secret Canyon and Slot Canyon. It’s worth noting when researching locations for your Arizona engagement photos, to talk to your photographer about alternative locations that are not as crowded.

Canyon in Arizona for engagement photos

Red Rock State Park

If you’re looking for endless views, then Red Rock State Park in Sedona, Arizona is a great place to start. There are multiple trails throughout the park to explore with views of green meadows framed by hills of red rocks. 

red rock state park in Arizona

Top Tips When Taking Your Engagement Photos

We asked Ashley for some of her top tips when planning your engagement session. Here’s what she had to say:

  • Research! Research what location you want to take your photos, the permits you need, and the weather.
  • Make sure the location you pick speaks to the both of you.

Maybe it’s connected to a special memory or something about the location speaks to you. Whatever that connection may be, think also about the vibe or vision you have for your session.” [Ashley]

  • It’s ok if you don’t know how to “pose”. That’s what your photographer is there to help you!

“As a photographer, I guide my clients into poses by giving them cues or different actions to take to interact with the landscape around them. It’s my goal to have them focused on being in the moment with one another and their environment.” [Ashley]

  • Find the right team.

“Just because someone has a lot of followers or a trendy portfolio does not mean you will connect with them or they are the best person to document your memories. Ask yourself if you truly connect with their work, or if you can see yourself in their images. Ask if they have experience with adventure sessions in the location you want to go, and don’t be afraid to ask for full galleries of the places you would like to go!” [Ashley]

where to take engagement photos in Arizona

Matt and Jasmin’s Arizona Engagement Photos 

Matt and Jasmin decided to explore Page and Sedona together.

Along with their 3 epic engagement outfits, we love how authentic and fun this engagement session was. Ashley played tour guide for the day as she documented these two as they visited Secret Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and parts of Sedona.  

Planning an adventurous engagement session is also great for couples who are planning a more traditional wedding, like these two. Ashley tells us how amazing it was to lead them through Arizona and watch them take in the beauty of it all.

“I was able to see locations that I had been a million times before for the first time, but through their eyes.” [Ashley, The Photographer]

One epic engagement session, three outfits, and a whole lot of exploring! This engagement session is the perfect inspiration for your planning!

“I am a hopeless romantic, and I wanted to feature a style that was both moody and romantic. Since our engagement pictures had a bright and fresh look, I thought this would be the perfect look to set the tone for our wedding and who we are as a couple. And,  I wanted to style us in a way that showed both of our personalities and not take away from the beauty of the natural scenery.” [Jasmin, The Bride]

Other Vendors Involved:

Videographer | Bastion Wedding Films

Photos From This Engagement:

fun engagement photos in Arizona fun engagement photos in Arizona

Arizona Vendors for Your Engagement Session

Now that you know how to plan for your Arizona engagement photos and saw how amazing Mat and Jasmin’s adventure was, let’s plan your photo session!

Check out our members who specialize in the Arizona area.

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