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All Things Extraordinary was formed with the mission to create unique, memorable, and truly authentic events. We offer services ranging from coordination to full-service planning (as in we can plan a whole weekend of experiences), as well as design, small rentals, and florals. We create weddings that are a reflection of our couples and all of their quirks, and that ultimately celebrate their extraordinary love.

About Emma:
Emma Seitz, the lead planner of All Things Extraordinary, was raised in the great Pacific Northwest, but has been a SoCal transplant for the last 15 years. After spending too many years in the classroom getting degrees from USC and a law degree from Pepperdine, she looked within herself and found a career path that utilized all of her greatest strengths and pushed her creativity: becoming a wedding planner. She has been planning weddings, and other awesome events, full time since 2013 and has produced shindigs throughout California, Oregon, Colorado and Pennsylvania. When she has a Saturday off, you can find her at home in Redondo Beach with her husband and 2 small daughters.

Fun Facts:
– All Things Extraordinary is actually a subsidiary of a company I own with my sister, Alex. She accompanies me to nearly every wedding, and I would not be the planner I am today without her.
– One of the greatest experiences of my life was spending a summer wandering around Europe to avoid making a difficult decision. When I finally did decide, I returned home to LA… only to change my mind 24 hours later! Ask me about it, as it is actually a love story!
– I have a Professional Cooking Certificate and am training in Reiki Energy Healing.
– I have a side gig owning/operating a 2-week long Holiday Craft Show that takes place every November in Doylestown, PA in a vintage mansion feature over 100 local artists and crafters.
– My husband turned me into a huge supporter of Chelsea Football Club.
– If I am not chasing my kids around my house, you will find me with a book in one hand and a glass of Grenache in the other.
– My favorite wedding-thing? Seeing what music you are going to walk down the aisle to. My personal favorites have been the theme from “Zelda,” for a groom, Pete Frompton’s “Let My Love Open the Door” for a bridal party, and “You, Me, Dancing!” by Los Campesinos for a recessional.

Work Portfolio







If you want class, comfort and efficiency with compassion and empathy to boot, look no other than All Things Extraordinary. We were so lucky to have Emma. She listened and heard all of our needs (as insane as they were) and managed to make it all happen in ways we couldn’t have ever imagined. This wedding was no small feat, but she was there from day one and always with a smile and an ease that put us at ease. We love you, Emma! Thank you for making our wedding everything we could have ever imagined and then some!

Edward & Jason

Emma is the greatest ever. Full stop. I wasn’t totally sure I needed a coordinator, but people convinced me it was the right thing to do. I was won over when I reached out to a friend and he absolutely, unequivocally and totally endorsed Emma. I reached out, she was lovely, so we said sure. As soon as we connected she had recommendations and answered all my stupid questions kindly. I would like to think we were relatively laid back clients, but the week before the wedding it became clear, very clear, that it was going to completely rain out our wedding day. Emma earned her entire pay when she had to talk me down the Wednesday before the wedding, saying we would prepare and be ready and that her girl scout training was all in for this. She eased my fears and made sure I felt comfortable even though I was sad we couldn’t be outside. She took control of the situation and assured me that it would all work. And of course it did. And it rained – complete downpour – during the whole wedding and it was still completely beautiful and perfect. Emma brought her sister/assistant Alex along too, and my only regret is not getting to hang out more with her as well! These are absolutely lovely people. Emma and Alex completely had my back. I felt supported and heard and validated. I will recommend them to anyone who ever asks. I’m trying to come up with another event to do just so I can work with them. Thank you for being the best!

Skylar & Jason

Emma is a genius who gave me the wedding of my dreams. She was so fun to work with, our families loved her, it made the whole outrageous planning process a joy. Cannot recommend this woman enough as the right professional to help you orchestrate the happiest day of your life.

Emmalinda & Eric