This Glacier Adventure Will Make You Want to Plan an Alaska Helicopter Elopement

This Glacier Adventure Will Make You Want to Plan an Alaska Helicopter Elopement

Alaska helicopter elopement anyone? Planning an Alaska elopement is already one of our favorite elopement experiences, but we personally love when couples take the extra step and decide to rent a helicopter. Renting a helicopter allows you to have glacial lagoons and mountaintops all to yourself.

Follow along with this styled session which showcases amazing spots for your elopement adventure in Seward, Alaska. Emily Hary, the photographer, shares with us all the tips you should be aware of.

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helicopter elopement inspiration in Alaska surrounded by glaciers

Photography by Emily Hary Photography

Planning an Elopement in Alaska

If you have decided to elope in Alaska, then you’re in luck. Alaska is one of our top places to elope because of the epic things couples can do there. From exploring Denali National Park to remote locations such as these, Alaska is perfect for couples who want to get away from it all!

But how do you plan an elopement here? How do you plan for a helicopter adventure in Alaska?

“Alaska is huge and very diverse! Find a photographer who has been there (or is based there). They will provide you with help on choosing a region and will most likely coordinate your helicopter/bush plane services as part of the package you book from them. Ask your photographer to provide you resources on marriage law in Alaska and officiant recommendations. Or do the legal stuff before you leave your home state/country.” [Emily]

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planning an Alaska adventure in remote areas

Helicopter Elopements: The Ideal Experience For Your Elopement

If you want to see somewhere off the beaten path and unique, then plan a helicopter elopement in Alaska. Planning a helicopter adventure allows you to even plan a multi-day adventure together. You can plan a micro wedding with your family and friends one day and then go on your post elopement adventure the next. The possibilities are endless.

“A helicopter adventure is ideal for an elopement in Alaska because it allows couples to reach locations that would take all day to get to on foot. Not to mention some of these gorgeous areas are not otherwise accessible. It’s special to have a spot all to yourselves; seclusion, intimacy, and jaw-dropping views are perks that a helicopter elopement offers. Dreaming of glaciers AND mountain views? Book a package with your photographer that includes two helicopter landings. You’ll see more together, and get a bigger variety of images in your gallery. A win-win!” [Emily]

couple standing on the top of a mountain in Alaska from their helicopter adventure

Top Tips When Eloping in Alaska

Even though Alaska can be more remote than other locations when it comes to crowds, there are a few things couples need to keep in mind.

Here are Emily’s top tips:

  • Have the same lodging booked for two days after your chosen elopement date. Weather is unpredictable, and you may have to reschedule the flight due to conditions. Be flexible on this; carve out the next day as a back-up day.
  • Bring layers, a backpack or two, waterproof rain jackets, and semi good-looking hiking boots that you’ve already worn. Be prepared to be blown away by The Last Frontier!
  • June, July, August, and September are great months to have your Alaska elopement.
  • Narrow down locations with your photographer based on desired experiences/back-drops, hiking distances, and driving distances from major towns.
  • If a few family/friends are attending, make sure you communicate well beforehand where to be and when.

Fun elopement portrait ideas in Alaska

Styling Your Helicopter Elopement Adventure

It’s no surprise this elopement idea of renting a helicopter to explore unseen spots in Alaska sounds pretty epic. But how can you include personal details during your special day?

The first thing you want to do is ensure you have a wedding attire outfit you not only love, but that is comfortable and durable in Alaska’s weather. If you’re into flower arches and other ceremony details, then we highly suggest planning your ceremony before your helicopter ride. Let’s all do our part and leave no trace (LNT) during our elopement adventures and respect the lands we are visiting.

If you’re looking to plan a more extravagant elopement ceremony, then we suggest teaming up with your elopement photographer or even an elopement planner to help guide you on the regulations in the area.

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what to wear during your Alaska elopement

Why Elope?

For photographers like Emily, they love elopements because of the intimacy not just during the actual day, but throughout the whole process.

“Elopements are special because the couple is focused on having memorable outdoor experiences for themselves. I help them achieve that with my logistical, photo, and travel expertise. Sometimes a typical wedding causes major relational/financial stress. It often feels like a performance and has you doing things you really don’t want to do. Make it simple and take a trip with just your bestie and/or your inner circle. It makes me giddy to think about ‘freeing’ the couple and immersing ourselves in a beautiful location we’ve picked out together. I’m so grateful I get to preserve people’s memories, but also give them the first positive experience on their ultimate adventure: marriage.” [Emily]

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Photography | Emily Hary Photography

Helicopter | Seward Helicopter 

Photos From This Styled Helicopter Alaska Elopement

planning an Alaska adventure in remote areas

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