Intimate Airstream Elopement Session With Their Adorable Pup in Knoxville, Tennessee
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Intimate Airstream Elopement Session With Their Adorable Pup in Knoxville, Tennessee

Elopements are all about adventure and telling stories. What better way to tell your story than to rent an airstream for your wedding? Whether you rent one or just use your own airstream, planning your elopement surrounding an airstream is fun and adventurous for couples looking for a unique elopement idea. Tori from Tori Lynne Photography gives us all the tips as we feature Sasha and Matt’s Airstream post elopement session in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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Photography by Tori Lynne Photography

Details From This Airstream Wedding Day Shoot

Due to Covid, Sasha and Matt got married in a courthouse instead of planning a bigger wedding celebration. Despite tying the knot, Sasha still wanted their dream wedding photos. She stumbled upon an airstream wedding idea on Pinterest, which gave her the idea to incorporate her and Matt’s own airstream into their photos!

“There was so much thought put into all the details of this day. Aside from the amazing airstream, Sasha also works at a bridal company and wore her favorite dress from the brand she works for which in and of itself represents who she is. They also brought along their absolutely adorable puppy Tex!” [Tori]

We love how simple this post elopement session is. From the vintage vibe of the airstream to their adorable pup’s scarf. This couple also included other areas to take their photos including a beautifully decorated table, pick-up truck, lanterns, and floral swing.

Why Should You Rent an Airstream For Your Elopement?

For this elopement, Sasha and Matt used their own personal airstream that they travel often in and is a special part of their relationship. However, renting an airstream or other vintage travel trailers can be an amazing elopement idea because you can essentially have a personal venue on wheels, according to Tori.

Not only can you have a full-on elopement adventure on the go, but the possibilities are endless.

Check out these Airstream wedding ideas:

  • Hit the road together
  • Park it and give your elopement the most epic vintage vibes
  • Include your pets
  • Turn your airstream into a bar or a food station for your guest during your micro wedding
  • Get ready in the airstream together
  • Plan your post elopement picnic out of your airstream

Planning Your Elopement Together

Even though Sasha got inspired through Pinterest, it’s important to plan something that represents you and your story together.  Eloping is less costly and more intimate than a traditional wedding, but elopements can also be extravagant too. Couples who explore our Instagram can easily lose sight of what it means to elope by focusing too much on what’s insta worthy.

“Maybe that could be in a location that’s significant to you and your relationship, or maybe it’s including your favorite hobby that you enjoy doing together. Sasha and Matt love to travel in their airstream together, so that’s what made this elopement special to them! Your elopement will be beautiful no matter where it is or what it looks like as long as the details are intentional.” [Tori]

If you’re thinking about incorporating an airstream on your wedding day, then think about where you’re going to elope. Depending on your location, you’ll want to plan for permit fees and weather conditions in the area.

Still, set on planning something epic during your elopement? Check out why you should consider hiring an elopement planner for your adventure.

Why Do You Love Elopements?

If you’re thinking about eloping, then you should definitely check out our top 10 reasons to elope.

Not only are you able to do unique things like this airstream elopement idea, but you can also incorporate your love for adventure too. Elopements also, according to Tori, strip away the unnecessary distractions of a big wedding day and allow more space for experiences.

“I often hear from couples that they wish they would have just done this or wish they would have just done that. This is your wedding day- a time to start your own traditions or carry on others that are important to you. Either one is perfectly ok, as long as it’s intentional and meaningful to you and your story together. Have fun and do whatever it is that makes your day yours. What matters most is the moments between you and your person, and the connection you feel to everything and everyone around you.” [Tori]

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Photography | Tori Lynne Photography
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Photos From This Airstream Elopement Wedding Session

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