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Adventurous Mountain Elopement in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Photographer: Justyna E Butler Photography

Session: Elopement

Location: Rocky Mountains, Colorado

From the Couple:
“One of our favorite romantic memories happened on one of those walks, on a stifling, hot, St. Louis summer day. We had spotted a caterpillar crossing the blacktop. We both stopped to watch the little guy and noticed that he was walking funny. His movement was jerkier than it should have been and he was tumbling over periodically. We both realized that the pavement was hot and burning his feet. Arms around each other, we stood united, in love, under the afternoon sun. We made it to a shaded path for this enchanting creature until he was able to reach the cool grass. Together, musing about the ambulation and anatomy of caterpillars, we realized that we were uniquely suited for each other. We both agreed that we knew of no one else who would have even noticed, let alone cared about the caterpillar.”

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