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Adventurous, Lakeside Intimate Elopement Inspiration in Glacier National Park, Montana

Photographer: Heather Woolery Photography

Session: Styled Elopement 

Location: Glacier National Park, Montana

From the Photographer:

“The simple beauty of being able to capture one moment in time, to freeze it for just a second and feel the immense love shared between to souls, that was the initial inspiration for our shoot… I’d been dying to shoot in a national park or epic outdoor space, when I was given an opportunity to travel to Montana. I knew I had to take advantage of my fortunate circumstances and plan what I hoped would be an epic afternoon elopement shoot in Glacier National Park. I took inspiration from the park itself – understanding the colors, feelings, and spaces we had to work with gave me the perfect jumping off point. 

We almost had to completely wildcard the shoot, due to the massive fires that had engulfed the park, but we lucked out and were able to shoot in one of the most beautiful places ever, Bowman Lake. The smoke added a simple haze to our shoot and created an added solitude, making our elopement even more romantic.

“I knew we wanted to work with vendors that were mostly local – although I learned in Montana that if you live in Montana, you’re considered local – and explore native plants, flowers, and decor options.”

[Heather Woolery, Photographer]

I know it might sound cliche, but the biggest source of my inspiration came from wanting to exemplify the beauty of the park while creating a simple, elegant, and warm elopement.”

[Heather Woolery]