This Foggy Adirondack Wedding With Friends Will Make You Tear Up

This Foggy Adirondack Wedding With Friends Will Make You Tear Up

Capturing the emotion of your wedding day is something we love about elopements. Matt and Rebecca have to be the sweetest couple who decided to plan an Adirondack wedding day with their closest friends. Get the tissues out because this elopement is by far the sweetest we have seen.

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Photography by Kortni Maria, LLC

Deciding Where to Elope

The Adirondack mountains are becoming a popular place to elope in New York for couples who are looking to plan a mountain elopement together. Rebecca tells us every year on their anniversary, she and Matt hike and backpack through the Adirondacks.

“We always wanted to keep some part of our wedding private and intimate. Although we were planning a bigger wedding, we were still going to elope the day before to take the edge off and also just have some time together. Once COVID-19 postponed our big day, we knew we still had to go forward with our elopement- but make it more of an adventure!” [Rebecca]

They originally planned to elope on a certain peak but realized it was becoming overcrowded by other couples. The most important thing you need to plan for during your elopement is hiring a photographer who knows the area well. Kortni from Kortni Maria, LLC instantly gave the couple another suggestion for their wedding ceremony, and it was perfect.

Planning an Adirondack Wedding

As far as planning an Adirondack wedding, Rebecca tells us having a reliable team is key.

Matt’s uncle was the officiant and helped the couple build a personalized elopement ceremony that included small speeches from their best friends. Each of them spoke what they wished for the couple’s marriage, along with their strengths as a couple.

Everything from Kortni’s timeline assistance and beautiful documentation of the raw emotion of this elopement to Rebecca’s beauty team who kept her makeup and hair looking amazing even hiking up a steep, rocky mountain in the rain.

“This hike was absolutely insane! The fact that Kortni hiked, rock scrambled, and still captured our best day just truly speaks to her work. She is top-notch. We started the hike at 3 PM and didn’t make it back down to the parking lot until 11:30 PM. We all hiked down in the dark!” [Rebecca]

Memorable Moments During This Adirondack Adventure

Matt and Rebecca are full of smiles, laughter, and heartfelt tears during their adventure together. From their fun first look to their emotional elopement ceremony, these two show all couples the beauty of planning an intimate wedding together.

Imagine hiking 6 miles in the rain with your closest friends. Despite it being completely foggy the whole hike up, these two witnessed the coolest views of mountains peeks out of the endless fog.

“Matt was so hopeful the rain would stop and it would clear up, and I scandalously was not! I wanted to reschedule the day altogether, but Matt wanted to go so bad I couldn’t say no to him! When we started hiking, it was rainy, so foggy, and there was absolutely no visibility. When we made it to the top of the mountain, you still couldn’t see anything. I thought, ‘well, we are already here, let’s just get it over with because everyone is getting cold!’. As I was getting changed, I heard Matt scream,’it’s clearing up, it’s clearing up’. I thought he was kidding, but he wasn’t! It stopped raining, and the clouds broke for the ceremony. As soon as we took our last photo they closed up again. All of us just couldn’t believe it. It felt like a dream. We cried, laughed, drank wine, cried, and laughed more. It was absolutely everything, it was such an adventure, and it was us.” [Rebecca]

Details From This Intimate Wedding Day

When couples think about eloping, they usually get a little overwhelmed with how they should structure their day. The wedding industry makes us all think it’s not a wedding if you don’t do x,y, and z. With intimate elopements, like this Adirondack wedding, you can include any details and traditions you both love.

These details don’t even need to be extravagant. When brainstorming on what to include, just think about details that hold a lot of meaning for you both.

“There was the custom compass Rebecca gave Matt as a wedding gift that was engraved with the words ‘for all the adventures to come, xo Your Wife’. Then Rebecca’s bouquet was made by her mom and included cloth flower pieces from her own wedding in it as well as thread from her grandma’s sewing kit. I also really liked the simple notebook with the words ‘Bucket List’ and their names on the front that they hand wrote their vows in.” [Kortni]

The easiest details to add would be cute vow books and a bouquet with your favorite flowers. Kortni tells us to think about details that are simple and easy to bring along during your hike.

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Tips From The Photographer

The Adirondack mountains are stunning and the perfect location for adventurous couples on their wedding day. Kortni tells us couples need to know how to navigate them and be prepared when hiking, which makes hiring an elopement photographer extra important.

Here are Kortni’s tips when planning an elopement on a mountain in the Adirondacks:

  • Do the hike yourself ahead of time. This way you know what to expect, and you can be prepared for hiking on your big day.
  • Hire a photographer that local and is experienced with hiking in the Adirondacks.
  • Have a backup plan if the weather isn’t cooperating.
  • Download your map of the trail ahead of time (All Trails is a great tool for this).
  • Be over-prepared! Bring lots of layers, extra water, a headlamp, first aid kit, etc. You never know what could happen on a long hike up a mountain.

Are You Ready to Elope?

It’s the getting married how you want for us.

“Elopements are truly one of my favorite things to photograph. I really love how intimate and laid-back they are compared to a traditional wedding. I also love how couples can get married wherever they want (like a mountain top) when they elope!” [Kortni]

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Photography| Kortni Maria, LLC

Hair + Makeup | Katherine Elizabeth Salon


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