Adirondack and Saranac Lake Elopement Adventure

Adirondack and Saranac Lake Elopement Adventure

Dana and Shawnee had originally planned a huge wedding with all the trimmings. However, they had to cancel their wedding due to the ride of COVID. Instead of postponing their special day, these two decided to plan an Adirondacks elopement.

These two spent the whole day exploring this gorgeous area in Northern New York, including Saranac Lake. Imagine going on a 20-minute canoe ride to get to your secluded wedding ceremony destination… that’s what these two did on their wedding day!

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Deciding to Elope

As more couples realize the real reasons why other couples elope, more people are considering eloping. Photographer Shelly Anderson, who captured this Adirondack elopement, reminds couples that eloping, just like anything they decide for their wedding, should be something they want to do.

“Eloping becomes way more personal, completely about the couple, and what they want. It is NOT being selfish if it is the route you wish to take, which a lot of couples may fear their friends and family may observe it as. I always tell my couples to do what feels right for them, and eloping is a real intimate and FUN option!” [Shelly]

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For so many couples, their wedding day goes by faster than they could imagine. Shawnee, the groom, tells us how much they both enjoy being outside and going off the beaten path.

Instead of worrying about the politics and logistics of a traditional wedding, worry about having an amazing day together. 

“Pack up your suit and wedding dress and get out there. It’s always a bit more fun when you have some scuff marks and dirt on those freshly pressed digs.” [Shawnee]

Adirondack elopement adventure

Deciding a Location

When picking a place to elope, couples need to consider what type of environment they want, and what they want to do during their elopement. Dana and Shawnee did a lot of research with Shelly prior to their elopement day.

It’s important, according to Shelly, to know the general area and utilize all the resources to understand the logistics and trails of the location you decide on. It was through their research that the couple decided to have an elopement in the Adirondacks park near beautiful Saranac Lake. 

“Luckily Dana and Shawnee are very adventurous, and the idea of their ceremony spot being only accessible by a 20-minute canoe ride excited them. We called around to some local canoe rental spots and found someone that could rent us enough canoes during their after hours. 

It was so much fun! We even saw some bald eagles over the lake as we canoed our way to the island. For our other locations we shot at, we did a lot of research for overlooks on AllTrails and just did a lot of driving where we would pull off the road if we saw something that caught our eye. ” [Shelly]

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Details From this Adirondack Elopement

We love the details Shelly captured during Dana and Shawnee’s elopement. These two have traveled the world and value experiences above all else, which made eloping so fitting for them. Some places they have traveled to include India, Thailand, Peru, Italy, and Morocco.

Fun Fact about this elopement: These two were actually planning a large 300 guest wedding, but COVID changed their plans. Instead of becoming overwhelmed with the cancellation, these two planned an epic elopement adventure in the Adirondacks. 

“Dana admitted that in a small way, she was almost relieved that they probably couldn’t go through with their larger wedding. Not because she didn’t want it, but because it was stressful and hard to plan such a big event!” [Shelly]

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“Dana and I were very happy to have eloped – a month later we did have a very small wedding with immediate family. Eloping was perfect and a really tiny wedding as a result of COVID fears enabled us to spend a lot of time with everyone who attended. the details were tasteful and beautiful without being hugely expensive and the overall mood was fantastic.” [Shawnee]

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Photography | Shelly Anderson Photography

Wedding dress | BHLDN

Wedding veil | Theia “Danielle” veil

Florals |(two sets); fake flower bouquet made by the photographer, Shelly Anderson, and ceremony bouquet done by a local flower farm in Cooperstown, NY

Cake | made by the bride’s friend, Amy

Other canoe rentals | Adirondack Outfitters Lakes and Trails

Wooden Canoe | hand made by the photographer’s dad!


Photos From This Adirondack Elopement Adventure