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8 Wedding Dress Designers for Elopements

We researched some of the best wedding dress designers, so you don’t have to. Our photographers in our Facebook community recommended these 8 wedding dress designers for our brides-to-be.

Whether you decide to exchange your vows in the mountains, on the beach, or in a forest, these designers are perfect for brides who aspire to go on an adventurous elopement.

If you are looking for a more detailed guide on different wedding dress options within different price ranges, then read our wedding dress guide for elopements.

Rue De Seine

Wedding dress for elopement for adventurous wedding

Photo by Hailey Pierce

Rue De Seine is a boho dress designer with wedding dress options that are lightweight, edgy, and lacey.

“This dress is the perfect combination of beautiful with lace and detail and simple for adventuring in the woods or mountain tops. It is the perfect mix of boho and classy for the brides who want that wedding dress feel but also want to feel like they stand out more!” [Hailey]

We have featured a Rue De Seine dress in the Spiritual Horshoe Bend Elopement in Arizona blog. You can see first-hand how well these dresses photograph with their flowy material.

 All Who Wander

If you decided to have an adventurous wedding, then you should consider All Who Wander when looking for your wedding dress. We recently created a feature Introducing: All Who Wander Boho Wedding Dresses, and our team can’t get enough of this wedding dress label.

This new boho label was created for the true modern-day bohemian and aspiring adventurer.

Daci Gowns

elopement wedding dress designer

Photo by  Emma Studley

Maybe you’re getting married on the cliffs of a gorgeous mountain or in a beautiful open field filled with greenery. If you want a real statement piece, then you should check out Daci Gowns.

“I think this dress is the ultimate mix of ultra-feminine and fun. It flowed so beautifully in the wind and looked effortlessly gorgeous while running around on this adventure elopement.” [Emma]

 Wtoo By Watters

Maybe you’re a bride who still wants to look like a princess on your big day, but you also want something delicate and romantic without being over the top. Wtoo by Watters is a great option to consider. Nina comments on how you shouldn’t settle even if you decide to elope.

“While hiking up to an alpine lake in this dress was anything but easy, the visual effect of a big wedding gown with a long train in the mountains is hard to top! Mary, the bride, got a full workout from holding the skirt of the dress up on the 6-mile snowshoeing hike. But she showed how you don’t have to settle for a small and simple wedding dress just because you are eloping!” [Nina]

Boho Bridal Design

If you’re looking for a mix of boho and elegance, then Boho Bridal Design may be a good designer to consider. We love the details of this dress, along with the convenient slit.

“This dress is so freeing and fun to play with! The sleeves are flowy with a beautiful back. Plus, nothing can beat the details in it! It is your perfect clash between boho and elegant! Not to mention, that even though it is a fitted dress, it has a slit making it easier to walk and hike around! ” [Nathaly]


wedding dress for elopement

Photo by Emily Battles

 If you’re looking for something nontraditional, then BHLDN has gorgeous wedding gowns and statement pieces to create the perfect look for your wedding day. This photographer shares this inspirational piece where the bride mixed a BHLDN skirt with a top from The Sentimentalist.

“I think this dress is perfect for a destination wedding or elopement because it is elegant as well as equipped for all of the walking, running, spinning, and super fun things you might do on your adventure. Because it is a two-piece dress, it allows for more movement and comfort for the wedding day activities and celebrations throughout your day.” [Emily]

Grace Loves Lace

Grace Loves Lace features some gorgeous and delicate wedding dress options ideal for a beach wedding. If you are a bride looking for a dress with a lot of detail without all the weight, then we highly suggest you check out this designer.

This wedding dress is featured in our blog, Intimate Boho Wedding at Olympic National Park, WA | Vanessa & Tim.

Made With Love

elopement wedding dress for intimate wedding

Photo by Hailey Pierce

We love this picture showcasing a Made With Love wedding dress. If you are looking for a wedding dress for your elopement, you should buy a dress you love. Buy something that represents you and your partner and your adventures.  Made With Love offers a wide variety of dresses ranging from lightweight and fitted to full gowns.

“Do what makes YOU happy and what makes YOU thrive, don’t do it just for the gram or cause someone told you, you have to do it because it represents YOU and your relationship. Hannah and Ben did it their way, no matter what the odds were.” [Hailey]

If you are thinking about eloping, check out our elopement planning page. We create resources, so our bride and grooms can plan their special day smoothly.

If you would rather find a more affordable wedding dress, then shop for some of our favorite affordable elopement dresses.

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