Intimidated by the wedding planning process?
We asked real couples who chose an elopement or intimate wedding to share the #1 thing they wish they’d known beforehand. Now we’re passing their stories on to you!

1. Romantic TreeHouse Point Elopement in Fall City, WA

Katie from Fall City, Washington shares…

“Eloping is a couple’s opportunity to have a beautiful, sacred ceremony either alone [or] with close friends or family. That said, so many people are excited for you and want to be a part of your special day. When you elope, your guest list will be short, if you even have one at all. Although it’s becoming more and more mainstream, it is still not the norm, and it leaves  people feeling left out. If I could go back, I would send announcements after our elopement to share the experience with the rest of our friends and family who couldn’t be there in person.”

You can find Katie’s elopement HERE

2. Radiant Intimate Wedding in Moab, UT

Angela Hays Photography

Taylor from SLC, Utah shares…

“I wish [I’d known] how fun and amazing it would be, truly. It would have helped me not worry about not having a ‘typical’ wedding so much, and as amazing as it was, it [was] just one day. Things that [don’t] turn out as planned and the stress will fade to a distant memory, but the happiness and the love you [feel] will stay with you forever.”

You can find Taylor’s intimate wedding HERE

3. Mount Sproatt Elopement in Whistler, British Columbia

Tara Lilly Photography

Melissa from Waterdown, Ontario shares…

“If your friends and family are anything like ours, they will not be as upset as you expect. Most of our friends said it was very ‘on brand’ of us and that they were not surprised in the slightest. Our family had mixed feelings, but the overall message was that if it [was what made us] happy, then they are happy as well. Anton and I discussed eloping even before we were engaged but initiated the traditional style wedding planning, because it felt like what we were supposed to do. As we were going through the planning process, we lacked excitement and some tasks felt overwhelming and forced. We finally decided to just go for it, and three weeks later, we had the wedding day of our dreams! ”

You can find Melissa’s elopement HERE

4. Joyous Intimate Wedding at Horseshoe Bend, AZ

Amy Bluestar Photography

Cheryl from Cody, Washington shares…

I think I knew this going into it, but how many people would ask for invitations that I would need to inform they would not be invited. Always a bit awkward but necessary to have my wedding how I dreamed of it.”

You can find Cheryl’s elopement HERE

5. Serene Elopement in Yosemite National Park, CA

yosemite national park california elopement wedding

Yen from Milpitas, California shares…

…something I realized while planning for our wedding [and deciding] to elope or have a traditional wedding, is that it doesn’t have to be one or the other… Remember what’s important to you. This special celebration of love is about the two of you, and you should do… what makes you happy… I took a step back from all the wedding planning and asked myself what [was most important] to me, and I came up with these things: I wanted us to exchange our vows outside somewhere beautiful, but I also wanted to get married in a Catholic church. I [wanted] to celebrate with all our family and friends, but really all that mattered to me was that James and I were together… That’s when I proposed the idea [of] an elopement… [with] the bigger church wedding separately with our family and friends [later]. We chose both!

You can find Yen’s elopement HERE

Thank you to Katie, Taylor, Melissa, Cheryl, and Yen for your insight!

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