Torn between planning a traditional wedding or keeping things intimate with an elopement?
We asked real couples to share why choosing an elopement was the best decision they ever made. Now we’re passing their stories on to you!

adventurous yosemite national park elopement wedding

Brooke Shannon Photography

Kaylie from Southern California shares…

I loved that we were able to be in the moment. After the ceremony was over, we traveled to different locations in the park to take pictures. There was no rush to get back, and I felt like we were able to have time together as a newly married couple to laugh, play, and have fun. We were gone for four hours hiking in our outfits while other hikers congratulated us. It was completely stress-free, and I felt that we both were allowed to enjoy the experience fully and just focus on one another. I didn’t want it to end... no matter what type of wedding you are considering, make sure it reflects the two of you as a couple. It’s one day that should be about you. If you are considering an elopement, do it and don’t stress about it. Everything comes together the way it’s supposed to.

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great sand dunes national park colorado winter elopement wedding

Cedar & Pines

Mandy from Colorado shares…

We are big adventure seekers and have always done things to the beat of our own drum, both individually and as a couple. We dated for 10 years before we got married, and we just wanted it to be the most epic adventure yet. What better way to do that than run away to a place you’ve never been and confess your love to one another… We had a sunset ceremony [and] were able to wake up slowly, have coffee and a mimosa (or two or three) and just relax for most of the day. [It] was so awesome not to be rushed to wake up early in a hurry to get ready for an earlier ceremony. I did forget my hair piece I had planned on wearing, but I was so excited it didn’t even bother me… That’s the beauty of eloping – to relieve a lot of pressures of a traditional wedding, and to ultimately have the best adventure with your best friend!

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great sand dunes national park colorado elopement wedding

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Keara from Hilo, Hawaii shares…

Due to where my now husband and I were at in life when we decided to elope, it was really the best way for us and brought us the kind of extra connection and joy we needed. So I guess the best way to answer this question would be, why didn’t we just elope from the beginning… it is so worth it! If you still want to celebrate at a later date, which we did, it’s a great way to go when you’re on a budget and/or just reducing the amount of stress there can be with a traditional wedding. Colorado really is one of the best places to elope in, just endless beautiful views to give you that adventurous type of place to say your vows.

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yosemite national park california elopement wedding

Yen from Milpitas, California shares…

Remember what’s important to you. This special celebration of love is about the two of you, and you should do… what makes you happy… our plans changed so many times… I took a step back from all the wedding planning and asked myself what [was most important] to me, and I came up with these things: I wanted us to exchange our vows outside somewhere beautiful, but I also wanted to get married in a Catholic church. I [wanted] to celebrate with all our family and friends, but really all that mattered to me was that James and I were together… And of course I wanted an awesome photographer to capture it! That’s when I proposed the idea [of] an elopement… [with] the bigger church wedding separately with our family and friends [later]. We chose both!

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Bekah Kay Creative

Meghan from Baltimore, Maryland shares…

Planning was so minimal and easy. When we decided eloping was for us, I honestly had no idea what I needed to do or what kind of planning was involved. I started with the photographer. Since the cost of eloping is much less than a traditional wedding, we knew we didn’t want to skimp on the photos… We met with [Bekah] a few weeks in advance at Rocks to decide where we would meet, where we wanted our little ceremony, where we wanted pictures, and backup plans in case gates were locked. I used a local wedding florist I found on Instagram and… I ordered a dress online for 86 bucks and then had it tailored to fit me… I’ve spent more time writing grad school papers than I did planning our day… I really can’t explain how stress-free it was. Alex really didn’t care about too many things, he just wanted to get married, and he wanted our dog, Ace, there. Other than that, he was down for anything. Planning our elopement was so much easier, because we weren’t forced to discuss silly details that neither of us really cared about…

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Thank you to Kaylie, Mandy, Keara, Yen, and Meghan for your insight!

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