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5 Elopement Stories to Inspire You to Elope

Torn between planning a traditional wedding or keeping things intimate with an elopement? We asked real couples to share why choosing an elopement was the best decision they ever made.

Now we’re passing their stories on to you!

1. Radiant Intimate Wedding in Moab, UT

Photo by Angela Hays Photography

Taylor from SLC, Utah shares…

“…as I started the planning process, I was inundated with all the wedding ‘must-haves’. The wedding industry is so huge and overwhelming, and I found myself getting caught up in all these little – not to mention pricey – details. I had to stop and take a step back and ask myself what we really wanted as a couple – what represented [us] the best? The answer to that was simplicity, along with love, laughter, being outdoors, and our closest loved ones. Once that was decided, things started to fall into place. It felt very genuine and authentic to who we are as individuals and as a couple.”

2. Intimate Snow-Capped Mountain Wedding in Vail, CO

Photo by The Scobeys

BobieJo from Vail, Colorado shares…

“The beautiful thing about getting married the way we did was that everything was what it seemed. We didn’t do anything just for the sake of doing it. We were really intentional about all of the elements that went into that day, and as a result, it felt exactly like we anticipated it would.”

3. Misty Rocks State Park Elopement in Jarrettsville, MD

Photo by Bekah Kay Creative

Meghan from Baltimore, Maryland shares…

“We originally thought we would have a small wedding of 50 people, but I called my mom crying that I didn’t think I wanted or could handle that kind of attention… My mom told me that it was our day and to do what made us happy and not to worry about what anyone else thought we should do… Since we didn’t have much to plan, we figured there was no reason to wait, so we got married a month and a half later… It’s so easy to get swept away [with] Pinterest boards of the perfect weddings, but at the end of the day, I just wanted to marry my person. Eloping made it so easy. There was no stress, no unrealistic expectations,  no worrying about things that didn’t matter. Our motto was ‘nothing fancy, just love.’ After our pictures, we met our parents and siblings for brunch at our favorite spot, then headed home to relax and watch a movie. It was perfect. We got married on a Thursday morning, and we both went to work on Friday. That’s how easy our day was.”

4. Mount Sproatt Elopement in Whistler, British Columbia

Photo by Tara Lilly Photography

Melissa from Waterdown, Ontario shares…

“We have always been drawn to mountains, we love hiking and seeing things that are off the beaten path… We always talked of eloping, as we really wanted things to be intimate and just for us. Maybe too we’re both a bit shy when it comes to these types of things. Anton says the elopement was true to ourselves… and to be honest, we were too excited to be married to wait…”

5. Golden Hour Elopement in Laguna Beach, CA

Photo by Tayandbee Photography

Andrew from Southern California shares…

“Sharing our vows, overlooking the ocean during sunset, was one of the most intimate moments we have ever experienced. The day was completely ours. Her touch and the warmth of her soul made the world just fade away. We really just wanted the day to be focused on our love – nothing crazy or extravagant. It was so magical to speak our written vows to one another cliffside, with no one around.”

Thank you to Taylor, BobieJo, Meghan, Melissa, and Andrew for your insight!

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