Dee and Arian’s 2-Day Elopement Adventure in Zermatt, Switzerland

Dee and Arian’s 2-Day Elopement Adventure in Zermatt, Switzerland

Dee and Arian planned a pretty amazing 2-day elopement in Zermatt, Switzerland. They spent both days exploring and hiking together, including a romantic picnic together after they exchanged wedding vows. Get all the details from their day below.

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About This Elopement in Zermatt

Photography by MA LOVE photography

“Dee and Arian’s 2-day elopement in Zermatt was absolutely epic. Getting ready in a picturesque Swiss chalet, doing the ceremony on a glacier by helicopter, then getting dropped off on another side of the mountain for champagne and a picnic, then to hike down to a mountain hut where we slept. We got up in the middle of the night for star gazing, woke up early for blue hour and sunrise by the mountain lake, and then hiked a trail with 5 lakes with the view of Matterhorn. Wow!” [Malin, the photographer]

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Permits and LNT in Switzerland

“That’s the awesome thing about Switzerland, you need no permits anywhere unless you want to put up some special installations. For regular elopements, like this one, you can just go for it.

Leave no trace is always important when I plan my elopements. In this case it was just the couple and me adventuring on the mountain. No guests flying in, no installations. The couple had bought their wedding outfits, a bouquet, and picnic supplies with champagne. Only nature and Matterhorn was the altar during their ceremony. Of course nothing was left behind. The cork was in our pocket, and I always carry a plastic bag to bring waste down from the mountains.” [Malin, the photographer]

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Top Tips When Eloping at Zermatt

“Zermatt has something for everyone. This specific location tour that we did during the two days included quite a lot of hiking. We hiked in the dark, so if you don’t want to hike that much or dont want to hike in the dark, another tour would fit you better. Also, the mountain hut we used was simple, so if you have more of a luxury taste on your wedding day, there could be other better solutions. This couple, however, was very down to earth and wanted to include so many epic spots that this option was perfect.” [Malin, the photographer]

About the Couple

“Dee and Arian were lovely and the most prepared couple ever. They implemented every single thing that we had spoken about (just look at the size of their bags!). They also read my blog posts with all the tips and ideas of how to optimize your elopement and they made sure to implement it perfectly. Being well prepared is really the most important difference between a good elopement and an amazing elopement.” [Malin, the photographer]

Memorable Moments During This Elopement

From the photographer:

“The whole two-day elopement was epic as they went all in with everything. But their picnic and wedding dance at sunset, stargazing by the mountain lake in the middle of the night, and then getting up before sunrise to catch the first rays of light on Matterhorn are the top moments in my opinion. The 5 lake hike was epic too, and the heli ride to the ceremony spot is unbeatable as well..or being surrounded by the herd of sheep… So hard to choose if you see what I mean.”

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Photography | MA LOVE photography
Planning | Wild Souls United 
Location | Zermatt 
Flowers | Zermatt flowers  
Helicopter | Air Zermatt 
Videography | Wild Souls United 

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